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Author Degree (Year) Title
Jan Paszkiewicz DPhil (2020) Studies of breakdown and pre-breakdown phenomena in high gradient accelerating structures
Eugenio Senes DPhil (2020) Development of a beam position monitor for co-propagating electron and proton beams
Chetan Gohil DPhil (2020) Dynamic Imperfections in the Compact Linear Collider
Pierre Korysko DPhil (2020) Intensity-dependent effects in the Accelerator Test Facility 2 and extrapolation to future electron-positron linear colliders
Rebecca Ramjiawan DPhil (2019) Development of feedback algorithms for future linear colliders
Talitha Bromwich DPhil (2018) Development of high-resolution cavity beam position monitors for use in low-latency feedback systems
Jack Roberts DPhil (2016) Development of a Beam-based Phase Feedforward Demonstration at the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3)
Davide Gamba DPhil (2016) Online optimisation of the CLIC Drive Beam bunch train recombination at CTF3
Neven Blaskovic Kraljevic DPhil (2015) Development of a high-precision low-latency position feedback system for single-pass beamlines using stripline and cavity beam position monitors
Michael Davis DPhil (2014) The Development of Intra-train Beam Stabilisation System Prototypes for a Future Linear Collider
Douglas Bett DPhil (2013) The development of a fast intra-train beam-based feedback system capable of operating on the bunch trains of the International Linear Collider
Alexander Gerbershagen DPhil (2013) CLIC Drive Beam Phase Stabilisation
Robert Apsimon DPhil (2011) The Development and Implementation of a Beam Position Monitoring System for use in the FONT Feedback System at ATF2
Ben Constance DPhil (2011) Design and beam testing of a fast, digital intra-train feedback system and its potential for application at the International Linear Collider
Christina Swinson DPhil (2010) Development of Beam Position Monitors for Final Focus Systems at the International Linear Collider
Christine Clarke DPhil (2008) The Interaction Point Collision Feedback System at the International Linear Collider and its Sensitivity to Expected Electromagnetic Backgrounds
Antony Hartin PhD (2006) Second Order QED Processes in an Intense Electromagnetic Field
Stephen Molloy PhD (2006) A Fast Feedback System Designed to Maintain Luminosity at a Linear Collider
Simon Jolly DPhil (2003) An Intra-pulse Fast Feedback System for a Future Linear Collider