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Calls for Proposals

SWIFT observing proposals for the 2014A semester can be submitted to the time allocation committee at the observer's home institution by the advertised deadline. Information about the proposal submission process is available at the COO Proposal Solicitation pages. Oxford observers should refer to the instructions below. Other Hale telescope observers should refer to the instructions on the Palomar 200 inch web pages, or those specific to their host institution.

The 2014A semester runs from February 2014 through July 2014.

For those unaware of the instrument's capabilities and modes, please visit http://astroweb1.physics.ox.ac.uk/instr/swift/techspecs.htm

5 nights are expected to be available to Oxford observers in 2014A, for programs to be carried with SWIFT (both seeing-limited and P3K AO assisted). Propoals should be submitted by e-mail it to thatte@astro.ox.ac.uk by 5 pm BST (GMT+1) on Friday 27th September 2013. Proposals should follow the format below:

The Palomar cover sheet (available at http://www.astro.caltech.edu/observatories/coo/solicit/2014A/C200.html) must be filled out.

In addition, please include (a) a list of targets with RA-Dec and required time per target, (b) no more than 1 A4 page of scientific justification text (12 pt font), (c) no more than 1/2 an A4 page of technical justification text (12 pt font). In any case, please state explicitly if the proposal is part of a larger programme spanning several semesters and/or whether this is a thesis project.

Last updated: 13 Sep 2013

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