Research Topics

fusion plasmas

We work on Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF), which involves focusing hundreds of laser beams onto a centimeter sized target. The target, made of deuterium and tritium implodes and undergoes fusion - the same process that power the stars. This process generates vast amounts of energy, and harnessing it would provide a limitless, clean source for energy for humanity's future. Image courtesy AWE.

plasma accelerators

Plasma accelerators provide electric fields ten thousand times more intense than conventional accelerators. Particles can 'surf' off of these fields and be accelerated to energies in a centimeter sized plasma accelerator that would otherwise require hundreds of meters in a conventional device.

extreme plasma physics

Lasers pulses can now be focused to unprecedented intensities on target so much so that is is possible to polarize the vacuum, create electron positron pairs at rates never seen before, and form the brightest possible coherent X-ray source by focusing the harmonic radiation.