My team combines experiment, analytical modelling with advanced computational approaches to high energy density plasma physics. We hold weekly group meetings, where we discuss new and interesting topical physics questions. Everyone is kept up to date with each other's work and there are plenty of times to enjoy tea, cakes and ice-cream!

Some of the group enjoying dinner at the ICHEDS conference (International Conference on High Energy Density Science). From left to right Oliver Karnbach (Wark/Gregori Group), Robin Wang, Bruce Remington (LLNL), Ben Spiers, and Marko Mayr

The group at the ICHEDS poster session. From left Ben Spiers, Marko Mayr, Robin Wang, Tom Campbell, Tom Gawne, and Alex Savin.

The group working very hard at Split, Croatia. First from left - Cary Colgan, second from right: Marko Mayr, and on far right: Robin Wang.

The group at their weekly ice cream retreat. Peter paid this time since we had a patent go through and two papers accepted. We should space out our publications more.

Here's the group in August 2016 with colleagues from AWAKE-UK at the Astra laser facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (clockwise from the Centre): Aimee Ross (St John's College); Alex Savin (Lady Margaret Hall); Naren Ratan (New College); James Sadler (Wolfson College); Nicholas Chen (St Edmunds Hall); Muhammad Kasim (Wolfson College); Luke Ceurvorst (Magdalen College); Fearghus Keeble (University College London); Nicolas Bourgeois (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory); Peter Norreys (University College Oxford); Kevin Glize (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory).

Every week after the group meeting the group goes to ice cream (not mandatory). If it's someone's birthday, or if a paper got accepted, or if anything of note happens - Peter pays. Image courtesy of George and Davis Oxford (which is where we normally go).