Andrew Boothroyd

I am a Professor of Physics in the Physics Department of Oxford University, and a Tutorial Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Currently I am serving as an Associate Head of Department.


After completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Cambridge, I joined the University of Warwick, first as a postdoc and then as a University Lecturer. In 1992, I moved to Oxford University where I have served as Head of Condensed Matter Physics, Associate Head of Department, and as vice-Provost of Oriel College. My research exploits neutron and x-ray scattering methods to explore novel magnetic and superconducting materials. In 2011, I received the Institute of Physics Superconductivity Group Prize (Pippard Prize), and in 2017, I was recognised as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society.  

Prof. Andrew Boothroyd

Clarendon Laboratory

Department of Physics

Oxford University

Oxford, OX1 3PU

United Kingdom


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Brief biographical data


My main academic activities are:


1. Research


My research interests are in condensed matter physics, in particular the cooperative behaviour of electrons in solids. Further information can be found by following the links in the box to the left.


2. Teaching


I teach physics at the undergraduate and graduate level. In Trinity Term 2020/21 I shall give lectures on the Structure and Dynamics of solids as part of the C3 Major Option: Condensed Matter Physics (login required). I am Organising Tutor for Physics at Oriel College, and give tutorials on a variety of topics in physics to undergraduates at the College.