Pulse Amplification in a Photonic
Crystal Fibre.

Lasers for Accelerators

Lasers for Accelerators (L4A) is a versatile lab focused on cutting edge research on the boundary between lasers and accelerators. Lasers are playing an increasingly important role in accelerator physics from laser plasma accelerators and photo injectors to diagnostic tools like laserwire and beam polarisation measurements. Our research, as part of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science at the University of Oxford, focuses on laser development for these applications, working primarily on fibre lasers.

One of our major projects is multiple pulse driven laser wakefield acceleration (MP-LWFA), where a large plasma wakefield is excited by a resonantly spaced train of low energy laser pulses. Research in the L4A lab is carried out as part of the Oxford Laser-Plasma Accelerators group and in collaboration with Stuart Mangles' plasma physics group at Imperial College London.

Another current research area is the development of a laserwire diagnostic to measure the transverse size and emittance of an electron beam at micron-level resolution at the ATF2 in Japan with members of the JAI at Royal Holloway University of London.

Supporting these developments in accelerator technology and diagnostics we carry out research on high power fibre lasers in Oxford using photonic crystal fibres, to demonstrate the high pulse energy and repetition rates required for accelerator applications such as MP-LWFA and laserwire.

DPhil students Prospective graduate students can find out more about research opportunities within the L4A group and procedures for applying here.