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21 Jun 2019: Andreas recieves the best student talk award at the AMOLF Nanophotonics Summer School for his presentation on "Coherent suppression of intrinsic optical backscattering in microresonators".

16 Apr 2019: Michael recieves the National Measurement Institute (NMI) Prize. Left photo: Director of the NMI—Dr Bruce Warrington—handing out the award. Right photo: Panel discussion from left: Dr Bruce Warrington, Dr Michael Vanner, and director of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems—Prof. Andrew White.

26 Nov 2018: Magdalena Szczykulska's PhD VIVA in Oxford. Right photo, from left: John Price, Georg Enzian, Dr Magdalena Szczykulska, Lars Freisem, Heng Shen, and Michael Vanner.
Many congratulations Magda!

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