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Welcome to the Quantum Measurement Lab! We pursue a combination of experimental and theoretical research to develop powerful new quantum technologies and explore the foundations of physics. Our current research interests include:

  • quantum optomechanics
  • quantum photonics
  • hybrid quantum systems
  • quantum sensing
  • the quantum-to-classical transition
  • the interface of quantum mechanics and gravity

Simulated Wigner function of a mechanical quantum superposition state prepared using a position-squared measurement. See our experimental and theoretical works in this direction for more information.


  • January 2018: Jack Clarke is awarded an EPSRC scholarship, after his MPhys at the University of Oxford, and continues with our team for his PhD! Congratulations Jack - it's great to have you aboard!

  • January 2018: Our paper "Quantum magnetomechanics: Towards the ultrastrong coupling regime" has now been published in Phys. Rev. B. Many congratulations Erick and team!

  • November 2017: Our paper "Quantum optomechanics beyond the quantum coherent oscillation regime" has now been published in Optica. Many congratulations Kiran and team!

  • August 2017: Our paper "Amplified transduction of Planck-scale effects using quantum optics" has now been published in Phys. Rev. A. Many congratulations Pasquale, Saurya, and Igor!

  • July 2017: Jack Clarke completes his masters project "Generating quantum superposition states of mechanical vibration using light" and is awarded the Gibbs prize for his MPhys year. Fantastic work Jack!

  • June 2017: We are moving to Imperial College London! We are looking forward to setting up and working in our new lab in South Kensington!

  • October 2016: Our paper "Arbitrary multi-qubit generation", which introduces a technique how to synthesize multi-qubit states of light, has now been published in New Journal of Physics. Many congratulations Farid, Austin, and Tim!

  • August 2016: Jack Clarke joins our team for his masters project. Welcome aboard Jack!

  • July 2016: Magdalena Szczykulska joins our team for the second half of her PhD. Welcome aboard Magda!

  • June 2016: Our work studying non-classicality of optomechanical phases has been published in Phys. Rev. A. A key result of the work sheds light on what fraction of the signal is quantum in the Marshall et al and the Pikovski et al proposals. Many congratulations Federico, Ludovico, Igor, Caslav, and Myungshik!

  • June 2016: Zhe Xian Koong joins our team as a summer student. Selamat datang Zak!

  • May 2016: Our theoretical work on nonclassical state preparation of mechanical motion using phonon addition/subtraction and QND quadrature measurements has been published in Phys. Rev. A. That was fun Tom and Myungshik!

  • May 2016: Our proposal for a pulsed optomechanical interface has been published in New Journal of Pysics. Well done James Bennett and team!

  • Mar 2016: Our experimental work on position-squared measurements of a mechanical oscillator has been published in Nature Communications. Many congratulations George Brawley and team!

  • Mar 2016: Georg Enzian joins our team to start his PhD. Herzlich willkommen Georg!

  • Mar 2016: Together with our collaborators in Oxford Materials we have been awarded an EPSRC Quantum Technologies Stategic Capital Award. We're looking forward to setting up our new lab!