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Welcome to the Quantum Measurement Lab!

We pursue a combination of experimental and theoretical research to develop powerful new quantum technologies and explore the foundations of physics. Our current research interests include:

  • quantum optomechanics
  • quantum photonics
  • hybrid quantum systems
  • quantum sensing
  • the quantum-to-classical transition
  • the interface of quantum mechanics and gravity


  • Mar 2019: Many congratulations Dr Magdalena Szczykulska who has successfully completed her PhD! Very well done Magda on all of your excellent research outputs. All the very best with your future and you will be greatly missed in our group!

  • Jan 2019: Our paper "Observation of Brillouin optomechanical strong coupling with an 11 GHz mechanical mode", has now been published in Optica! This experiment is the first to report Brillouin optomechanical strong coupling to high frequency phonons. Many congratulations Georg and Magda, and our collaborators at the National Physical Laboratory!

  • Nov 2018: Together with our local collaborator Steve Kolthammer, we have been awarded an EPSRC-funded Early-Career Capital Grant to purchase some ultra-high-efficiency superconducting single photon counters!

  • Oct 2018: Andreas Svela and Niall Moroney have completed their MSc degrees! Many congratulations Andreas and Niall and all the very best with your PhD research ahead!

  • Sep 2018: Our lab, together with many researchers across the UK, has been awarded an STFC staging proposal "Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics"!

  • Sep 2018: Our paper "Growing macroscopic superposition states via cavity quantum optomechanics", has now been published in Quantum Science and Technology! Many congratulations Jack on your excellent first paper!

  • Aug 2018: Lars Freisem joins our team for his PhD. Herzlich willkommen Lars!

  • Jul 2018: Niall Moroney, John Price, and Andreas Svela join our team as MSc + PhD students! Welcome aboard Niall and John! Velkommen Andreas! Niall, John, and Andreas are part of the Quantum Systems Engineering Skills and Training Hub. Niall and Andreas will work closely with our collaborators in the Microphotonics Research Laboratory, NPL, Teddington and John will work closely with our collaborator Josh Nunn from the University of Bath. Very best wishes for your research guys!

  • May 2018: Our paper "Displacemon electromechanics: how to detect quantum interference in a nanomechanical resonator", has now been published in Phys. Rev. X! Many congratulations Kiran, Natalia, and Edward! We're looking forward to continuing our collaboration!

  • May 2018: Michael has been awarded Australia's National Measurement Institute Prize for his "outstanding contributions to precision measurement in the emerging new field of cavity quantum optomechanics"! The NMI Prize is awarded annually on the 20th of May—world metrology day—which celebrates the 1875 metre convention.

  • May 2018: Our paper "Generation of mechanical interference fringes by multi-photon counting", has now been published in New Journal of Physics! Our work made the first experimental observation of mechanical interference fringes and theoretically proposes how to generate Schrodinger cat states of mechanical motion by projection onto optical NOON states. Many congratulations Martin, Till, Lewis and Andrew—our collaborators from the quantum technology lab in Brisbane!

  • Apr 2018: Dr Heng Shen has been awarded a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship and joins our team after completing his PhD and postdoc in the Polzik and Blatt groups, respectively. Huanying Heng!

  • Apr 2018: Dr Kiran Khosla joins our team for his first post-doc after completing his PhD in the Milburn group in Brisbane. Welcome aboard Kiran!

  • Mar 2018: Paulo Sahium joins our team as a visiting undergraduate. Bem-vindo Paulo!

  • Jan 2018: Jack Clarke is awarded an EPSRC scholarship, after his MPhys at the University of Oxford, and continues with our team for his PhD at Imperial! Congratulations Jack - it's great to have you aboard!

  • Jan 2018: Our paper "Quantum magnetomechanics: Towards the ultrastrong coupling regime", has now been published in Phys. Rev. B! Many congratulations Erick and team!

  • Nov 2017: Our paper "Quantum optomechanics beyond the quantum coherent oscillation regime", has now been published in Optica! Many congratulations Kiran and team!

  • Aug 2017: Our paper "Amplified transduction of Planck-scale effects using quantum optics", has now been published in Phys. Rev. A! Many congratulations Pasquale, Saurya, and Igor!

  • Jul 2017: Jack Clarke completes his masters project "Generating quantum superposition states of mechanical vibration using light" and is awarded the Gibbs prize for his MPhys year. Fantastic work Jack!

  • Jun 2017: We are moving to Imperial College London! We are looking forward to setting up and working in our new lab in South Kensington!

  • Oct 2016: Our paper "Arbitrary multi-qubit generation", which introduces a technique how to synthesize multi-qubit states of light, has now been published in New Journal of Physics! Many congratulations Farid, Austin, and Tim!

  • Aug 2016: Jack Clarke joins our team for his masters project. Welcome aboard Jack!

  • Jul 2016: Magdalena Szczykulska joins our team for the second half of her PhD. Welcome aboard Magda!

  • Jun 2016: Our paper "Quantum and classical phases in optomechanics", has now been published in Phys. Rev. A! This work sheds light on what fraction of the signal is non-classical in the Marshall et al and the Pikovski et al proposals. Many congratulations Federico, Ludovico, Igor, Caslav, and Myungshik!

  • Jun 2016: Zhe Xian Koong joins our team as a summer student. Selamat datang Zak!

  • May 2016: Our paper "Non-classical state generation in macroscopic systems via hybrid discrete-continuous quantum measurements", has now been published in Phys. Rev. A! This work proposes how to generate non-classical states of mechanical motion using single phonon addition/subtraction and QND quadrature measurements. That was fun Tom and Myungshik!

  • May 2016: Our paper "A quantum optomechanical interface beyond the resolved sideband limit", has now been published in New Journal of Pysics! Well done James and team!

  • Mar 2016: Our paper "Nonlinear optomechanical measurement of mechanical motion", has now been published in Nature Communications! Building on an earlier theoretical proposal, this work is one of the first experiments to observe the nonlinearity of the optomechanical interaction and perform position-squared measurements of a mechanical oscillator. Many congratulations George Brawley and team!

  • Mar 2016: Georg Enzian joins our team to start his PhD. Herzlich willkommen Georg!

  • Mar 2016: Together with our collaborators in Oxford Materials, we have been awarded an EPSRC Quantum Technologies Stategic Capital Award. We're looking forward to setting up our new lab!